CDHA's Mental Health Program

Capital District Health Authority's Mental Health Program, a collection of publicly-funded mental health services, is one source of help and support for mental illness. The people who work in the Mental Health Program provide services for people living in the Halifax Regional Municipality and West Hants.  They support people at every stage of illness to manage their mental illness and improve their mental health. 

People access mental health services in the Mental Health Program mainly through Community Mental Health or emergency and crisis services.  People also access mental health services through other areas of the program. The cost of the services is covered by MSI. There are a wide range of mental health services available - at community locations and in hospitals - for people who have many different mental health needs.

These services are grouped into six categories:

  1. Community Mental Health
  2. Emergency and Crisis Services
  3. Acute Care
  4. Specialty Mental Health Services
  5. Recovery and Reintegration
  6. Forensic Mental Health Services (includes Offender Health and Sex Offender Program)

Mainly, services are available for adults and seniors. Some, however, also serve youth. The IWK Health Centre provides the majority of mental health services for children and youth.

It's never too early to seek professional help

There are many sources of help and support as you, a family member or friend, manage mental illness, its symptoms and its impact on your life. The decision to seek professional help can be tough. It can be difficult to know what to do or where to go. You may be unsure what the problem is. It’s never too early to seek professional help, even if you are unsure about what you are feeling.

People often say they wish they had been able to figure out what was wrong sooner. Contact your family doctor, Community Mental Health or another health care provider as early as possible.

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We want to fundamentally change the way our Mental Health Program provides care.

Capital Health's Collaboration in the Triangle of Care initiative reinforces the rights of persons living with mental illness to choose their own direction in care and in life.

Community Mental Health has changed the way individuals access their services.

Community Mental Health clinics offer treatment and support to individuals living with a mental illness, and their family.

The Capital District Mental Health Program offers mental health services that focus on the needs of seniors.

Here are some of the many services that offer treatment and support  to individuals who are living with mental illness, and to their family.