Self-Assessment Exercises

It's hard sometimes to take a step back and evaluate just what's going on in your life. Sometimes it's hard even to know what the right questions are to ask.

The Self-Assessment exercises on this page can help you out. Each will ask you a series of questions about your life. We don't save your answers anywhere, and they are completely anonymous - we promise. The Self-Assessment exercises are for you, not for us.

An important note: these exercises are NOT a substitute for professional counseling or medical advice.

Lifestyle Balance Self-Assessment

The Life Balance Self-Assessment will try to tell you where you seem strong and where you could look to make some improvements to improve the balance of important things in your life.


Alcohol Use Self-Assessment

The Alcohol Use Self-Assessment can help you discover more about, and help you think about, your drinking habits.


Depression Self-Assessment

The Depression Self-Assessment can help flag important signs and symptoms of depression. Keep in mind, though - it's no substitute for the advice of a trained professional.