navigating the mental health system

Our local adult mental health system (within the Halifax Regional Municipality and West Hants) is complex. It includes both public and private services. We have outlined many of the available options above, but there are other services as well.

The Capital District Mental Health Program provides:

* these services are covered by MSI which means there is no direct cost to you

A complete list of services provided by the Capital District Mental Health Program, with contact numbers, is available here.

One of the first questions people living with mental illness and their families ask is “Where do we start?” A family doctor is often the first source of professional help.

It may not be possible or comfortable for your family member to go to a family doctor. If that’s the case, Community Mental Health is also a good place to start. You or your family member can contact any of the five locations directly.

People living with mental illness and their families often want help finding housing and employment information, government services like social assistance, and financial and legal assistance. Some helpful resources on these topics are available here.

Resources to help: