getting help

This section provides you with information on options for getting help and includes local mental health resources. It also presents what you and your family member can expect from service providers and what they expect from you. As well, it includes advice on what to do when things go wrong – regrettably and unfortunately this happens – and what to do if your family member refuses help.

There are many sources of help and support as you and your family member manage mental illness, its symptoms and its impact on family life. You and your family member may first turn to other family members, friends, your church, community groups and mental health organizations. They are often a great source of comfort, support and help.

The decision to seek professional help for your family member can be tough for many reasons. It can be difficult to know what to do or where to go, and you may be unsure of what the problem is. We recommend contacting a family doctor, Community Mental Health or another health care provider as early as possible. People often say that they wish they had been able to figure out what was wrong sooner. It’s never too early to seek professional help.

If you are considering getting professional help for your family member, you will likely have questions or concerns. The same can be true if your family member is already receiving professional help.

Resources to help: