There is no experience quite like reading a good book, one that that hooks you from the first sentence and takes you along on a grand adventure. It might be fact or fiction, a mystery or biography or a history book, hardcover, softcovercover or an e-book. Regardless of the genre or format, a good book is often like a best friend - they are always there when you need one.

The kind of book you are looking for can probably be found at your local Halifax Public Library. The 14 branches in the Halifax Regional Municipality as well as the mobile library, Books-by-Mail, home delivery services and the library web site offer coutnless ways to access books. The Library makes it easy for you. But libraries are about more than books. You'll also find magazines, videos, DVDs, CDs, newspapers, journals, public access computers and much more. Curl up in a chair by a window or read quietly at a desk. Staff will help you find what you are looking for.

The Halifax Regional Library offers a wide variety of classes year round including on a number of topics such as how to use a computer, the basics of emailing or how to write a resumé. Family programming, including activities for teens and kids, is also offered.

All that and it's free to get a library card. You will need two pieces of identification, proof of your mailing address and, if you are under 14 years-of-age, your parents' signature.

Discover your community library!