It works like this: care providers offer good information to the individual to help them make an informed choice, and members of an individual's circle of support can access information to help provide effective and timely support to their loved one.

The Information Sharing within the Triangle of Care Guidelines — or, simply, Information Sharing Guidelines — explain exactly how information can and cannot be shared between health professionals, patients, and family members and friends. Over the past three months twenty-three people have provided feedback on our original draft called Disclosure Guidelines. Last week members of the Mental Health Leadership Council, made up of senior management, a person living with mental illness and a family member, approved the document.

Our next step begins in September 2011: training staff, persons living with mental illness, and members of circles of support to use the Guidelines.

We welcome your questions and comments. Please contact Maureen Wheller by email: Thank you.

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Information Sharing Guidelines PDF

Collaboration in the Triangle of Care PDF