CDHA's Mental Health Program is reviewing and reorganizing how it delivers services to people in hospital, and support in the community. They are building upon, and improving, how they provide recovery and community integration services, especially around 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a week services. A vital part of this is the Community Living Initiative Units, more commonly known as the Bungalows, being built on the Nova Scotia Hospital Site. Individuals living with mental illness, families, front-line staff and community support groups are all playing an important role in ensuring the Bungalows are one way CDHA delivers effective services and programs, while using resources effectively.

Part of this is planning how best to use the space in the Bungalows for people who fit into the following description:

  • living with severe and persistent mental illness;
  • have significant challenges that prevent them from living successfully in the community;
  • able and willing to engage in recovery-focused planning and activities; and
  • can live safely in the community with no threat to themselves or others.

Individuals will stay in the Bungalows during the time it takes to help them move into the community. They will be encouraged to participate in services and activities provided in the community, whenever possible. Staff will support individuals in the following activities:

  1. Life management– budgeting and managing a home
  2. how to find a job – identifying skills and contacting employers
  3. Relationship building – healthy life choices
  4. Managing addiction – education, information and counseling
  5. Clinical care – recognizing and managing mental and physical needs

The Bungalows will be staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week with trained clinicians who specialize in recovery-focused support.

Construction on  the Bunglows is on schedule and the work should be finished by October 2011.