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"A place where people can come, and be, and their spirit revives."
The Mental Health Day Treatment Program is a place where adults living with a mental illness can enter into a place of safety.

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It’s almost the end of Week 5. I get to share my Love Letter to Mom. The Love Letter technique is supposed to help you move through your feelings of anger, guilt, etc to feelings of forgiveness and love. I’m not sure if it’s as useful and helpful as I had hoped. Perhaps sharing it with the group will evoke more emotions.

Later on Thursday

I shared my letter with the group today - very emotional.

The truly big news here is that I felt the sadness, hurt and disappointment.

The over-riding emotion I felt was sadness but also some hurt and a lot of disappointment, but there was also some hopefulness mixed in there. The hope stems from the realization and acceptance of being tired of taking all the blame, tired of feeling worthless and tired of being punished. I was surprised that the prominent emotion wasn’t anger like I thought it would be but I understand why. I feel a huge loss, the loss of what could and should have been a close, loving relationship with my mother.  She and I both missed out on a lot…we both suffered losses.

The truly big news here is that I felt the sadness, hurt and disappointment.  I really and truly FELT it! With the help of Dr K (in group), I was able to slow it all down and tease out those feelings and then allow myself to feel them; to really feel them. The sadness was so heavy it made my heart ache.

What I felt afterwards was amazing beyond words! The feeling of relief and peace that came over me after allowing myself to feel the sadness and hurt was nothing short of amazing. I have never felt like that before…not ever. That feeling of peace is what I’ve been hoping and waiting for. Wow.  


Despite all the moaning and groaning and dragging my feet, the Physical Activity, Leisure and Relaxation Groups are very beneficial. At the beginning of the program I was cynical and somewhat annoyed that some of my time at Abbie Lane would be wasted on going to the gym and doing arts & crafts. I had thought my time would have been better spent on hardcore therapy. So, I admit I was a little resistant in the very beginning. My attitude has changed. After emotionally charged groups I welcome the opportunity to be physical, to have some fun and some laughs.

Wow. I just realized that I am excited about my future!

Now I understand how important physical activity, leisure time and relaxation are to my mental health and overall wellbeing.  It’s great that they’ve incorporated these things into the program. Now they’re part of my routine and I intend to keep them as part of my routine long after the MHDTP is over. My boy bought me a gym membership this weekend – we’re going together. I love it!

Wow. I just realized that I am excited about my future! That I have a future! That there is a future with ME in it!! Cool…very cool.

About Debi Noye

Debi is a writer, a mental health consumer, and a suicide attempt survivor. As part of her recovery, she has found freedom in embracing her creative side (painting and creating mail art as well as writing), which allows her to be open and honest about living with a mental illness. Debi is passionate about playing an active role in the mental health community, not only as a consumer but also as a friend, resource, and advocate for other consumers. She lives in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

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