2-Minute Stories About the Program

"A place where people can come, and be, and their spirit revives."
The Mental Health Day Treatment Program is a place where adults living with a mental illness can enter into a place of safety.

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I’m so happy we get Wednesdays off. I will be presenting my first piece of work tomorrow, my Letter of Intent. I know I will be asked how I feel about presenting it and how I think I may benefit from sharing it with the group. Once I’m done presenting it I will be asked again how I feel and then will get feedback from the group.

I wasn’t able to connect to my emotions as I wrote my Letter of Intent. I only stated facts (I have attachment/abandonment/relationship issues; an unhealthy sense of self; I am unworthy and undeserving or anything good because I am a bad person and I turn all anger towards myself, etc). But I did feel satisfied at having completed it, and I have a renewed sense of resolve and determination but not necessarily hopeful.

Maybe I will feel something more as I share it with the group; maybe not. But I do think sharing my Letter of Intent with the group is a step towards being able to leave Debi the Liar and Fraud behind.


I am so happy that it is Friday! I don’t want to be here today. I had my session with the psychiatrist last night. I’m still not sure how I feel about it.  She started off by asking me what my issues/problems were. It was difficult for me to come up with them when put on the spot like that. I know, you would think I would be able to rattle off the list easily but I couldn’t.

She reinforced a lot of what I had already heard from Dr.B – looking at my need to punish myself and asking why? What did I do to deserve this punishment?

I’m feeling hopeless and resigned. I’ve been told that before I can move on I must first deal with the fact that I believe I don’t deserve to be alive and happy. I must deal with the hurt, anger and pain frozen within me. I don’t understand how.

About Debi Noye

Debi is a writer, a mental health consumer, and a suicide attempt survivor. As part of her recovery, she has found freedom in embracing her creative side (painting and creating mail art as well as writing), which allows her to be open and honest about living with a mental illness. Debi is passionate about playing an active role in the mental health community, not only as a consumer but also as a friend, resource, and advocate for other consumers. She lives in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

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