This past week was full of social activities. The English conversation group attracted two women the first day and one man the next. The businessman, Paul, said he would come again this Thursday. I don’t know if the women will show up tomorrow but I hope so! It is very pleasant to sit and speak with people in English who are keen to learn, and interesting in their own right. Paul brought a very big atlas with him. We pinpointed where Halifax is and he showed me where he had travelled. Next time I will bring my laptop to show him pictures of Nova Scotia.

On Saturday I had tea with Petr, an artist friend of Greg’s, in a pub on the square. His wife Dominika was ill unfortunately. We talked about many things, including his feelings about how Krumlov had changed, and what it was like to be an artist in a tourist town. The pub was very interesting to me- wood panelled, with wooden furniture, and the lights were not dimmed as in Canadian bars and even restaurants, and it was not too smoky or overcrowded but very civilized.

Sunday was a Baha’I meeting in Budejovice. I walked to a different bus stop than I used before, which didn’t lead me through so many of the cobblestone streets of town and was easier on my legs. I got to Mercury Centre early and sat to have an expensive cappuccino and a milkshake, which was not very good. Still I enjoyed hanging out and watching the people. Eventually I caught the bus Greg had told me to take, and at another stop, Greg got on the same bus. He wanted to make sure I knew where I was going, and it’s a good thing he did, because while his directions were good, he got the house colour wrong!  And he said there was no chance to give me street names because, as is the Czech way, the whole area was called just CeskyVrbne.

At the meeting were many people I wanted to say goodbye to. But of course, goodbyes are terrible and really what I wanted to do was escape as soon as possible.  Ramona drove me to the bus station where I waited an hour and a half for a bus to Krumlov. I was there when the cleaning woman started to mop under everybody’s seat.  It was a relief to get home, and with all the walking I had done, my legs ached terribly at the end of my trip. But it was worth it to see some friends for what may be the last time.