The last couple of days I haven’t been feeling well, spending literally half my time in bed. Thankfully I had stocked up on groceries for the weekend and made a big pot of soup so I had something to eat.  Tonight I am feeling better and I expect to get out tomorrow for more groceries, and to visit an Internet café and get some work done.

Krumlov is an amazing town. The town centre is a bunch of narrow, cobble-stone streets lined with ancient buildings around the town square, where the banks and information centre are. I found my way there by a circuitous route, past the EgonSchiele gallery, the puppet museum and countless restaurants and souvenir shops. The town centre is populated with so many tourists even the ghosts have fled. I have to remember that I, too, am a tourist here, of a sort.

Yesterday Zdenka the artist liaison came to meet me and arrange to take me around town today but I wasn’t feeling well enough to go out. Besides the physical unwellness, I have been feeling slightly depressed because my writing hasn’t taken off here as I’d hoped. Perhaps there is still time for that but I struggle to make myself sit down and work, regardless of whether I’m at home or anywhere else, it seems.  I hope for more focus… and I think it will be ok as long as I don’t put too much pressure on myself, but just enough to get something done! It is a delicate thing, this pushing and pulling. But I am grateful for the chance to write and realize I will do better with it if I actually think of myself as having something valuable to contribute.

It’s been a bit of a lonely day. Haven’t seen much of Teriyaki today, the cat owned by the couple downstairs. She came up but didn’t like that I was ignoring her in favour of the computer. Haven’t had much contact with anyone today, except Zdenka at my door and a skype chat with Dad, who now has a webcam. It’s great to be able to talk to my father and brother that way!

I made myself some stove top rice pudding because I was craving something sweet. I burnt it unfortunately but it stills tastes good. Or maybe I’m just desperate! Tomorrow, chocolate and coffee, fresh baguettes from the bakery, and a fresh start on my writing…