One leg of the journey ends and another begins! Today was my last day of classes with the students. They will likely be huddled up all weekend studying for exams which take place next week. I so don’t envy them… how hard it is to be young!

Looking back over my blog posts, I realize I haven’t told all. My insecurities around socializing have plagued me here and some people I have just stopped trying to get my courage up to get to know. I haven’t managed to connect with students on an informal level, and spend a lot of time by myself. I always hope I will overcome these things but it is probably too much to ask that I do so all at once and for some reason I always think I’ll be able to, when I strike out for somewhere new. But at least I know to be gentle with myself, to allow myself the solitude and time for reflection that I really need to function.

Thankfully, too, I did enough research to know that Townshend International School would be a good place for me to be.
Over the four weeks I’ve led creative writing workshops here, the hours I’ve worked have increased. I’ve led 14, 40-minute periods this week in writing and zine-making. But I am not as tired as I was in the beginning so I suppose I have been adapting physically and mentally without knowing it.  Also, my penchant for ending something and starting something new has probably refreshed me today.

The new thing will simply be having a great deal of time to myself to tackle my writing and perhaps to do some Baha’i service work. The hours I spend by myself will elongate and I hope I can muster the focus and perseverance to make a real dent in rewriting my second novel, during the holidays here at Townshend.

On January 6 I will be off to CeskyKrumlov for a month. Krumlov is a castle town, apparently very beautiful and thankfully, not overpopulated with tourists at this time of year. There, I will also be concentrating on my own writing, and my solitude will be greater than ever. But that’s what I came for, the opportunity to immerse myself in writing without the distractions a person faces in the everyday world… like friends, family, home and work, all of which I appreciate intensely, and will so gratefully return to when my time here is done.