I don’t know how many times I’ve heard people say they don’t mind cooking, but only if they’re cooking for more than themselves. To which I would like to reply, “WHAT? Don’t you still have to eat, even if you’re the only one at the table?”And if you like to eat as much as I do, knowing you get to eat everything you cook is a blessing, not a curse.

Cooking for myself is a pleasure and a means of self-care. It’s one of the few ways I treat my body well. I love to cook a healthy, well balanced meal - with leftovers - so I don’t have to cook, but can eat, another healthy well-balanced meal the next day.

"Cooking for myself is a pleasure and a means of self-care. It’s one of the few ways I treat my body well."

One of my favourite things to cook is a pork shoulder roast. I get it from the local farmer’s market, bone in if I can, because it’s cheaper. I throw it in the oven, surrounded by root vegetables, boil some brown rice, and steam greens to go with it on top of the rice. Sometimes I make gravy from the roast drippings and water I may have used to boil vegetables. It is a pretty easy and delicious meal, and reminds me of childhood Sunday dinners my mother used to make.

The next day, I may make pork sandwiches, stir fry some vegetables  and throw in some diced roast pork, or make a lentil- vegetable stew or curry with pork added at the end of the cooking time. Sometimes I make fried rice with pork, onions and other vegetables. There are probably many more ways to use leftover roast, you just need to use your imagination!
Cooking for one can be as much fun as cooking for more. And why not? You’re worth it!

About Anna Quon

Anna is an accomplished freelance/creative writer and writing workshop facilitator. She lives in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.  She is passionate about many things, especially writing. It is through her writing, and her volunteer work with community organizations, that Anna honours the lives of people who, like her, are living with mental illness.

In 2008, Anna received the Inspiring Lives Award from the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia. In 2009, Anna published her first novel titled Migration Songs which was shortlisted for the Dartmouth Book Award.

Visit Anna's web site: www.neeto.ca/wordsthatwork/