Everyday Things

Our days are made up of everyday things - getting up in the morning, going to work or school , making dinner, caring for a loved one, being healthy and much more. When you have a mental illness, or live with someone who does, those everyday things can sometimes seem overwhelming. The small things that make up a day suddenly seem too big to fit.

Friends, family and carers can be an invaluable source of support. Here, carers and individuals living with mental illness share what inspires them, and what keeps them going.

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Anna Quon explores the secret for getting out of bed in the morning, especially when you don't want to.

What brings you happiness?


Find it. Build it. Savour it. Lose it. Chase it. Share it. Get it?
Happiness... it’s not a bad word... we can all find and share it.

Are you raising children and looking after one or both of your parents? If you answer yes, you are part of what is called the sandwich generation.

Sheila Morrison says that to be healthy we need to look after our body, mind and spirit. "I see my personal space as a reflection of my inner world.   If my space is clean and tidy, my spirit is lifted and I am happier at work," says Sheila.

Anna Quon shares how she discovered the Baha'i faith and renewed her spirituality.

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